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The SafeDay Trading System™

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The SafeDay Trading program is guaranteed to help you change your day trading results, enhance your beliefs about your trading abilities and enormously boost your confidence so you not only see that perfect trade, but also act on it.

You will see a transformation from the inside out, in your day trading knowledge and your application of that knowledge or We’ll give you your money back.

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SafeDay Trading
Full Course

SafeDay Trading
Make It Rain

SafeDay Introductory Education

SafeDay Trading Podcast

Full Access to SafeDay Educational Coursework (Over 60 videos and over 600 pages of complete Trading Education)

SafeDay Library

SafeDay Resources

SafeDay Trading Webinars

Positive Mental Attitude Training

SafeDay Trading Chart Analysis Tools

SafeDay Trading White Papers

SafeDay Trading Videos

Futures / Commodity Education

Stock Option Education

Forex Education

SafeDay Trading DOT Indicator access - PRICELESS

Join Eavesdrop Trading for $50

Pay only $50 per session

Eavesdrop Trading Daily (1 year, 240 trading sessions) - $20K value

Coaching Session 1-on-1 - $500 value

Eligible for Masters Program application upon course completion

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Why Make it Rain?

Day trading success with SafeDay Trading

Learn Faster, Be Consistent, Improve Your Trading Performance

Because this will make your learning Faster, Easier and your ability to experience a new level of results is improved. Because When You follow someone – You give yourself confidence.

Listen: We have been doing this for a few years.  

What we asked ourselves is…

  • Why do some students GET IT so much faster than others. 
  • And why do some students give up?  
  • Why do some students just fade away?

This is what we discovered…

The Difference Maker

The Difference was not their ability, or intelligence, or even risk tolerance. The Difference Maker was that they took a chance to simply believe.  And once they tasted success, even on their paper account, they knew they could do it.


To be honest, if one of the trading courses we were members of offered anything close to this when we began, we would have jumped all over it. It would have slashed our learning time in half and helped us begin achieving consistency much sooner.

If any of the trading courses we purchased would have agreed to let us follow them as they were trading their account, copy them and trade Live at the same time as they were taking the same trades… SafeDay Trading would not have been born. We would have been fine just trading every day with our own trading. However, no one would take us up on that offer. However, no one would take us up on that offer.  So it took us some time and painful Trial and Error experiments to actually successfully trade and then develop SafeDay Trading.  It was a very expensive education, but worth every penny.

View a Live Trade

Easy to Learn and Apply

SafeDay Trading™ Education and SafeDay Trading DOT System™ are incredibly easy to learn and apply! 

Let us prove it to you! View our live trade demonstration to see how the SafeDay Trading DOT works!

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Join Us On Eavesdrop Trading

Because Our #1 Goal is to Make Every Student of SafeDay Trading Successful and Independent…

We decided the best way to do that is to make it irresistible to join us on Eavesdrop Trading.

  • At this price it’s a no brainer to be there every day you can.
  • The System itself is well worth $40,000
  • Heck the SafeDay DOT indicator is PRICELESS in itself.
  • The lessons on understanding Candlesticks is worth the price of admission.
  • The videos of live trading are worth thousands.
  • At this price you will be attending the Eavesdrop sessions for FREE.

If you want to improve your trading performance – Then this is the plan for you.

Day trading with SafeDay Trading
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Rock Solid Guarantee

We Guarantee You Will Be Thrilled

We guarantee you will learn valuable, easy to use trading strategies that can help you elevate your trading performance…No Fluff. If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality or content of this course within 14 days of you becoming a SafeDay Trading student, (which is plenty of time to go over it) just send us an email and our friendly staff will issue you a full refund. This way, if the SafeDay Trading program works for you, it was worth every penny, wasn’t it?  And if it doesn’t, it costs you nothing.

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Basic to Advanced Coursework

SafeDay Trading™ Education

As a student of SafeDay Trading, you’ll progress from Freshman to Graduate in online coursework that is designed to train, teach, demonstrate and ensure you retain the content to make you into a consistent safe day trader. You will be challenged in the undergraduate content and rewarded for your efforts!

This online education is unmatched, offering you REAL How To information and hand holding to ensure you GET IT. Yes, You will receive the secret sauce to master the art of trading.

At SafeDay Trading we don’t hold anything back.  You will be able to trade just like us in a short period of time… Read on and you will find that we want you to actually listen in as we make live trades so you can copy us and improve your trading performances. Doesn’t that sound good to you?

SafeDay Trading Program
SafeDay Trading Program

A Very Unique Trading System

SafeDay Trading™ DOT

Valued at $40,000

  • Upon graduating from the SafeDay Trading Education coursework, you’ll be ready to use the SafeDay Trading DOT system and see how easy it is to trade with confidence.
  • The SafeDay Trading DOT indicator will enable you to KNOW when to enter a trade and when to exit a trade for enhancing your trading performances.
  • Dotified – Bonified – Ratified – Certified and Profitized. It’s as easy as following the DOT!

What Does This Really Mean? That even a complete newbie could follow the DOT! Imagine what you will do!   

Ongoing Trading Education

SafeDay Trading™ Library

Valued at $1,900

After you complete and become a graduate of the SafeDay Trading coursework we continue to help you.  You’ll continue to have access to the SafeDay Trading Library giving you a vast array of trading content that includes videos, documents, webinars, podcasts and more.

  • You have 24×7 access to the library so you learn at your own pace
  • We will help you with your mindset!  We truly believe that trading is 80% in your head.
  • For example, you may see the DOT telling you to place a trade, but you have to believe enough to click the buy button.  
SafeDay Trading Program
SafeDay Trading Program

A Trader’s Tool Chest

SafeDay Trading™  Tools 

Valued at $1,200

SafeDay Trading Tools allows you to continue your trading education so you become well-rounded in trading theories, chart analysis, economic news and you achieve consistency.

Listen In, Follow Along

SafeDay Eavesdrop Trading™ 

Valued at $24,000 per year

Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen in on top traders and learn first-hand how they trade…LIVE!  

  • As a SafeDay Trading member, you are eligible to listen in as the top traders of SafeDay Trading trade live on Gold, Natural Gas, Oil and the DOW.
  • You will eavesdrop in their conversations REAL time as they discuss what trades they get in, discussing exact entry and exit points, targets, stop placement etc.
  • It is always your choice – But when the traders say they are buying, there is a reason they are buying, if they say they are selling there is a reason.
  • They are using the SafeDay Trading DOT system. You will hear them say “Dotified, Bonified, Ratified, Certified” giving you insight on what trades they are preparing for.
  • In a typical eavesdrop session the traders will call between 5 and 10 trades. Are they always right? They strive to be.
  • I will say that listening in can bring some good comic relief as well. The SafeDay Traders do make trading fun.
SafeDay Trading Program

What Does Eavesdrop Trading Really Do for YOU? If you can trade by “Following the Leader” YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A NEW LEVEL OF RESULTS!

Have You Ever Played Follow the Leader? Then you know how easy this is going to be.

Have a Question? Ask Away!

Wouldn’t it be great if…

You had a secret power that would enable you to take an hour of your time and turn it into immediate results? You pick the time, It’s there for you.
That is what we want you to have access to.

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Still Not Convinced?

Happy elderly couple with SafeDay Trading

Are you close to retirement? Or Have you already reached retirement age?

Do you wish you would have saved more money when you were younger?  Did you ever think that you would have needed enough income to last 30+ years?   

If this sounds like you – please click here now! Its time you learn how to trade. Discover how to improve your trading performance.

If you’re retired…

That’s perfect – You have the time to give 1- 2 hours per day with immediate results – you don’t have to tell your spouse about the results.

Happy family trading with SafeDay Trading

Are you still in the accumulation phase of your life? 

Accumulating kids, spouses, Toys, bills, college tuition yours or your kids, wedding plans for your kids, It all costs more than you expected right? If this sounds like you… please sign up today!  Its time you get ahead instead of behind.  

We know you can find some time to trade. Would it help if we could show you how to take 1 – 2 hours per day and improve your trading performances?

If you’re not retired yet…

Let us tell you this… What you have saved so far is not going to be enough. How do we know? Because if you had enough you would not be reading this page.

Let’s face it … you never know when the next big economic collapse is going to come or from what direction.  

Don't Take Our Word For It

Safe Day Trading is a system, to me you have made trading as logical as you can. You have made it simple by putting everything together so I know what I am looking for when I am trading to make good profitable trades.


I just wanted to say thank you. I’m in my fourth week of training and I already KNOW I am going to be a profitable trader thanks to you. I have followed the training and videos and now it seems obvious when to enter a trade and when to exit. I only wish I had found you sooner.

Robert T.
Karen with SafeDay Trading

The Program Will Give You the Opportunity to Change Your Life!

I have traded for many years and have taken many classes and until now have not endorsed any to my friends and clients. SafeDay Trading classes are extremely informative, no-nonsense, step-by-step instruction that will get you to being a very successful trader with dramatic consistency relatively quickly. That is the key! Consistency! The tricks of professional traders are weaved throughout the course and will insure that you gain the insight of traders on the floor.

I highly recommend to join the SafeDay Trading class today and learn from the classes and the Eavesdrop Trading how to win consistently and Make it Rain financial freedom!

Karen Carpenter

How is my day trading going? Well, thanks to your program I have learned it is not all about the technical part, candles, SMAs, Fibonacci, etc. The biggest improvement, thanks to your program, I’ve made is due to controlling my emotions and learned to be patient.

Sherie with SafeDay Trading

I Have Been Where You Are Right Now…

  • Searching for a breakthrough.
  • Reading everything, watching numerous trading educational videos and still feeling lost.
  • Frustrated that no one was really willing to share the secrets of their techniques.
  • Feeling like I am one decision away from getting it, and becoming a consistently profitable trader.

I was completely struggling despite all the knowledge I acquired and I never want to feel that way again!

A good friend introduced me to Dr. Dave, Don and Mark at SafeDay Trading and the SafeDay Trading DOT indicator. I started listening in on my first Eavesdrop Trading Call and I saw the level of accuracy that trading calls were made and was immediately inspired.

SafeDay Trading allowed me to test their system and follow them trading LIVE during their daily Eavesdrop Trading Call.  Listening in on them making live calls and making REAL MONEY, I am a believer!!!  I know now – I am an Awesome SafeDay Trader.

Thanks to SafeDay Trading I now have a fulfilling trading mission that has completely transformed the way I trade. It’s such an amazing feeling to finally feel confident as a trader. Whether you’re aspiring to achieve a trading success story for yourself, if you’re a novice or advanced trader, I encourage you to check out the SafeDay Trading DOT System™.

Sherie Johnson
SafeDay Trading Mini-Course
FREE access to the actual SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom, Library & Resources.
Receive highly valued trading content, numerous videos and other resources that other programs charge for..you receive for FREE!
Gives you an inside, real time look at the SafeDay Trading educational program so you know exactly what you'll learn as a SafeDay Trading Student.
Multiple videos of the SDT DOT in action – showing how it works- Day Trading, Swing Trading, Commodities, Forex, Stocks, Options.
Invitation to join a SafeDay Trading Eavesdrop Live Trading Session FREE
Take this opportunity and see if day trading is right for you...all for FREE!
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SafeDay Trading Make it Rain
MAKE IT RAIN $5,400.00

Access to SafeDay Trading™ “Make It Rain Today” System Valued at over $67,995.00!

Normally priced at $7,400.00  – However for limited time you get the Early Bird Special $2,000.00 discount.

You get everything in the SafeDay Trading Full Course PLUS you gain access to the LIVE Eavesdrop Trading room for one trading year (240 days) where you will truly Make It Rain!
Full access to the SafeDay Trading Educational Coursework, Library & Resources. (Massive Value – compare to a 4 year College degree)
Full access to the SafeDay Trading DOT indicator, an exclusive and proprietary indicator for SafeDay students only! (Priceless)
Upon graduation, become eligible for one-on-one training and the Masters graduate trading program.
If you wish to continue as a SafeDay Trading student after your first month, access is only $79.00/month. Cancel anytime. SafeDay Trading DOT Included.
If you wish to continue with access to daily Eavesdrop trading sessions after your first year, you will receive a student only highly discounted rate!
You can buy this program easily and effortlessly with our great financing of just 7 monthly payments of only $875.00. The $79.00/monthly fee is included in each of the 7 payments of $875.00. After the 7 payments, you will be charged the normal membership fee of $79.00/month.
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