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SafeDay Trading™ was created to help you understand the truth about day trading. We want you to know how to day trade safely & successfully.  Keep reading to discover how Safe Day Trading™ is a means to help you remove financial stress and enjoy the life you were given to its fullest.

You will soon realize that SafeDay Trading is the most transparent Day Trading program on the planet. You will find it to be perfect for the novice trader and enlightening to the advanced trader.

We are traders ourselves and only wish we had the content we provide you through the SafeDay Trading educational program when we first started.  It would have greatly reduced our learning pain, saved us enormous time & money.

You now have the opportunity to by-pass all the pain, wasted time and money burned that we experienced as we learned to trade. We will openly pass on to you the good trading habits needed to be consistently successful in day trading, along with the secret sauce to master the art of trading. We share everything.

We invite you to learn what SafeDay Trading™ is all about and come to your own conclusion that SafeDay Trading is for you.  To help you evaluate us fully, you’ll also be gifted a FREE Eavesdrop Trading session where you’ll be able to listen in as we trade live! Our existing students find Eavesdrop Trading certainly cuts the learning curve when you can simply improve your trading performances by “Following the Leader” as you trade!

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Dr. Dave, Don and Mark

Dr. Dave's Personal Story

Dr. Dave's Personal Story

I was at a crossroads in a time of extreme desperation:

I was too old to get a break working for anyone. And honestly, I probably would not be good at being an employee.

I had spent mega dollars on trading programs that didn’t deliver. However, in my head I knew I could do this.

After all some of the guys I took courses from were killing it, making 3K -10K per week.  They just didn’t allow me to shadow them to really learn what they did.

For me – I was making $500 one day and then lose $300/day for 3 consecutive days, then the 4th day trading I would break even.  It was a slow bleed. But looking back, I was not “Getting IT”

I was used to making a good 6 figures per year in my practice and I knew that my potential with Day Trading would blow away anything I did in my past.

What was wrong ??????

My Crossroads – Either make it work or forget it and plan on working as a Walmart Greeter until I died.

About that time, my then wife broke the news that she wanted a divorce.  And I lost everything that I thought I had.  She found something she liked better.  This of course sent me into a deeper hole than I could ever imagine.

After playing “poor me songs” for a while – I made a decision to make Day Trading work. The answer as you will see was profound, prolonged and painful….

Have you ever noticed that most trading instructors / gurus will show you on the charts what they did in the past.  They have no problem telling you that you should have bought here and sold there.

They make it look so easy. don’t they?

However, why was no one willing to show me real time on live trading?

Why would they not simply look at the live charts and tell me this is what I am seeing and because of that, this is what I am going to do.  I will buy here, place my stop here, my first target is this.  And later see the results.

I contacted every person selling a program that I could find and asked that question.  I want to follow you as you trade live, can I pay you to shadow you?  No one was willing to take me up on it.

I was fortunate at that time to find Mark and Don who also had the same frustrations.

We decided to put our heads together and dedicate time to finding the perfect trade set ups, from what we had learned in all the seminars, events, books, and white papers we had devoured.   From here we tested, and back tested…discarded and revamped.

Until we found the consistent set up on commodities.

Then we tested on Forex

Then on stocks

Then on options.

Over and over again until we were satisfied.

This group of indicators, candle patterns and chart timing ended up becoming the SafeDay Trading DOT.

This process took us over 3 years.

Now we started adding to the DOT to make trades more accurate and more consistent.

After another 2 years we have the SafeDay Trading DOT System.

Dotified – Bonified – Ratified – Certified & Profitized. Now the accuracy is reasonable depending on the instrument traded, volatility, time of day, volume etc.

Don’t worry, we will never be satisfied, we continue to test new indicators and new ideas to even better our results for you our student.

Dr. Dave

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Safe Day Trading is a system, to me you have made trading as logical as you can. You have made it simple by putting everything together so I know what I am looking for when I am trading to make good profitable trades.


I just wanted to say thank you. I’m in my fourth week of training and I already KNOW I am going to be a profitable trader thanks to you. I have followed the training and videos and now it seems obvious when to enter a trade and when to exit. I only wish I had found you sooner.

Robert T.

How is my day trading going? Well, thanks to your program I have learned it is not all about the technical part, candles, SMAs, Fibonacci, etc. The biggest improvement, thanks to your program, I’ve made is due to controlling my emotions and learned to be patient.