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SafeDay Trading Breaks the Code of Silence

We Share the Secret Code to help you magnify the results you are accustomed to.

  • If you are a new trader…
  • If you’re someone who just seems to be in a rut with your trading…
  • If you are someone who is simply struggling to find that last lynch pin to pull to finally “Get IT”…
  • If you want to be a consistent trader…
  • If you’re sick and tired of knowing you can be a great trader, but you’re just missing the one key ingredient to putting you in the high consistency category…
  • If you finally want someone to show you when to get in and when to get out of a trade…


This SafeDay Trading Full Course & DOT system will be the Break you have always been looking for, and the Answer to Your Prayers.

Your Answer to Achieving Financial Independence

What You Get With This Exclusive Virtual Trading Classroom

If you want to be a successful Day Trader who trades Stocks, Options, Futures or Commodities… you've ARRIVED at the right place. You will gain access to our SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom giving you basic and advanced trading education so you thoroughly understand the “How-To’s” of day trading and the secrets of achieving consistency FASTER.

You will understand the significance of Dotified, Bonified, Ratified, Certified and YES, PROFITIZED. Every Trade worth taking needs to go through these simple steps so you can take the trade with complete confidence.

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Happy Businessman Trading with SafeDay Trading

SafeDay Trading DOT System™

SafeDay Trading Program

A Unique Trading System

Let's face it...there's a "ton" of so-called trading systems available to you. We don't blame you for being skeptical of this or any trading system. However, understand a trading system is no good unless you understand how to trade first.

Upon graduating from the SafeDay Trading Education coursework, you'll be ready to use the SafeDay Trading DOT System and see how easy it is to trade with confidence.

Follow The Dot…Make A Lot!
Happy Businessman Trading with SafeDay Trading

Ongoing Education Library

Your trading education doesn't stop after you learn the basics. Unlike other trading programs, we will continue to improve the SafeDay Trading program and provide resources so you can continue to hone your trading skills.

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Exclusive Access to Our Trading Library of Resources

You'll receive access to our exclusive Trading Library full of videos, documents, webinars and podcasts giving you additional trading insight.

  • Helps keep you sharp and among the top traders in the country
  • “Always on” information allowing you to refer back to the content as many times as you want.
Know the Secrets and Get Access to Trading Tools

We share the secrets and the tools that will enable you to become the successful day trader you deserve to be.

We'll Show You How to Stay Focused

We will show you how to stay focused and keep your mindset in a place to see the trade develop well in advance.

  • You will be able to correctly predict the direction of the market – This is The KEY to Your trading success!
Happy Woman Trading with SafeDay Trading

Trading Tools and Resources

Once you gain access to the SafeDay Trading Virtual Classroom, not only do you get basic & advanced trading information and the exclusive SafeDay Trading Dot System, you also gain access to numerous resources including FAQ's, Economic News, Chart Analysis, additional online trading resources and more!

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More Tools With

The SafeDay Trading DOT is accessible through Once you become a member of TradingView (free or paid subscription)  you will also have access to all the tools inside as well.

What All this Means to You

What this means to you is more consistency at your fingertips.

Circle of Trading Certainty

Over the last 11 years, we have not only helped ourselves become consistent and result-oriented traders but we have shown other doubtful people how to transform their trading results & improve their mindset to become smiling master traders.

We will help YOU Recognize & Pull The Trigger on great trade set ups that jump off the charts saying “Trade Me!” The SafeDay Trading and DOT System™ is just that; a complete system that takes you the trader, step by step to successful trades.

We show you how to repeat the process over and over having full confidence that you are a consistent trader. You will be able to see the perfect trades developing well in advance. The process of going through the SafeDay Trading course will help you build your Circle of Trading Certainty.

When You Have the Right Information and Certainty of Belief You Can Conquer the World
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Rock Solid Guarantee

We Guarantee You Will Be Thrilled

We guarantee you will learn valuable, easy to use trading strategies that can help you elevate your trading performance...No Fluff. If you're not completely satisfied with the quality or content of this course within 14 days of you becoming a SafeDay Trading student, (which is plenty of time to go over it) just send us an email and our friendly staff will issue you a full refund. This way, if the SafeDay Trading program works for you, it was worth every penny, wasn't it?  And if it doesn't, it costs you nothing.

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12 Huge Benefits of You Totally Learning & Devouring the Entire SafeDay Trading DOT System™

1. Makes Your Life Much More Comfortable

How would magnifying the results you are accustomed to sound to you?

2. Saves You Time

What took us 5 years to develop, you can learn in several days and begin achieving consistency sooner.

3. Saves You Big $$$$$$

Becoming a SafeDay Trading student will stop you from continuing to spend time and money on joining other programs trying to find one that actually works.

4. You Will Be Joining An Elite Group Of Productive Traders

 No where else will you find more passionate group of traders. Join our forum to exchange ideas and successes!

5. Makes You Feel Good

When you continually experience a new level of results and finally become the successful trader you always wanted to be.

6. Makes You Look Good

To your Spouse and loved ones as you become a professional trader and gain back the time to spend with your family.

7. Increases Your Confidence

So you see trades develop in advance and you are not afraid to pull the trigger for those perfect trades.

8. Enhances Your Pride

In yourself and your ability to provide for you and your family even if you’ve lost or been furloughed from your J.O.B.

9. Increases Your Fun

Because making money and beating the market is extremely fun!

10. Makes You A More Effective Trader

So you can have full time pay at part time hours.

11. You Will Feel More Secure

Because NO ONE will be able to take this skill from you. You can trade anytime & anywhere. You are in control!

12. Improve Your Trading Performance

And let’s not forget - Learning the SafeDay Trading DOT System™ helps you experience a new level of results.

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Easy to Learn and Apply

SafeDay Trading™ Education and SafeDay Trading DOT System™ are incredibly easy to learn and apply!  Let us prove it to you! View a live trade demonstration to see how the SafeDay Trading DOT works!

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Do You Relate to These students?

Bert with SafeDay Trading


Bert is an entrepreneur, has his own small business and is making it work.

He has a few employees, but it all comes down to him to get things done working 60 – 80 hours per week.

He’s making good money, but is getting older and realizes the long hours is not as easy as it used to be.

He looks back and sees the many things that he missed out on over the last 20 years.  Kids growing up, vacations, spending time where it matters most.

Bert knows he can’t keep up this pace.  He has saved money, but looking forward he knows it’s not enough.

When Bert has time to think and meditate, he realizes he doesn’t want to miss the back half of his life like he did the front half.

When it came right down to it, what was Bert looking for? FREEDOM

Brian with SafeDay Trading


Working for the M.A.N. for the last 30 years, Brian has done everything asked of him and more.

He found himself working extra hours, sacrificing family time and dealing with intense daily stress.  Worse yet, as he enters the latter stages of his career, he is passed over on promotions and can only accept yearly pay raises that barely keep up with inflation.

Brain feels like any day he could lose it all. He could be let go, laid off, Covid furloughed.  He knows in today’s environment, it doesn’t take much for him to be released for a younger, and probably more politically correct person at half his wage.

What is Brian looking for?  You guessed it…FREEDOM!

Elderly woman excited to trade with SafeDay Trading


Karen had a successful career and was able to retire. But she still feels like she has many more productive years ahead and is looking for something to spark her day, give her purpose and have fun.

But she is also concerned with the uncertainty of the economy and the political firestorms…will it affect her savings?  Will someone come in and put higher taxes on her limited income. Will Social Security remain a foundational piece of her retirement or will it be reduced to a fraction of what she planned for?

Karen’s mind naturally questions if she will have enough to have a comfortable and secure retirement. She has thought about downsizing, about cutting back just to be sure.

Now Look at Yourself

Entrepreneur day trading with SafeDay Trading

If you’re like Bert, Brian, Karen or have your own story…what would having a skill that helps you generate a daily income no matter what stage of life you are, educational background or experience do for you?

If you are retired, are you still enjoying your retirement or spending too much time stressing about it?  If you are working, are you advancing and getting the pay raises that help you a secure a comfortable lifestyle and retirement?

Maybe your kids hit a rough patch, lost a job, went through a divorce and you have to help out.  How does that cut into your finances?

You may find yourself thinking – boy an extra $300 or $400 per week would really come in handy. But going out and finding a job again just doesn’t cut it.

So What’s The Answer?


SafeDay Trading Offers You Freedom

SafeDay Trading Gets You the Freedom You Deserve

Freedom is what SafeDay Trading offers you.  No matter if you find yourself in the above stories or are on a path of your own…

  • You are the guy or gal, that retired well, but are looking for something to do
  • You would like a few more toys and you don’t want to ask permission
  • You gave up the grind and you don’t want to go back
  • You don’t want to be tied down
  • You don’t want employees
  • You don’t want to sell anything
  • You definitely don’t ever want to join another MLM
Get the freedom you deserve with SafeDay Trading
Access Your Freedom Today
Happy Woman Trading with SafeDay Trading

Improve Your performance Working a Couple of Hours a Day

You may now understand at this point that you desperately want FREEDOM but just a little extra income and security now would be great.

SafeDay Trading will teach you how to improve your performance. And more.

(It’s up to you if you tell your spouse about the results!)

Just by spending 1- 2 hours per day looking at a computer screen and clicking a button a few times. Heck, can you think of a more perfect way to experience a new level of results as most of the world is sequestered at home?

To All Entrepreneurs...

We’ve all been told…hard work, long hours and discipline is the way to make money. There is a lot of truth to that. However, not all business models are rewarding.

Many entrepreneurs have dreams to get to a certain point in their business and then hire people to do the work. They fantasize about sitting back and reaping the rewards.  Then they find out this dream also comes with many headaches.

We then start looking for ways to make money smarter without the toil and sweat. Maybe an MLM is the answer.  The lure of million dollar promises are dangled in front of us only to find out that was the dumbest idea in the land.  But you were able to get rid of a few friends so there is that. When you finally get to the cliff and ready to jump off – you understand that REAL FREEDOM is a state of mind and you can have it if you can just find the right path.

Are You Ready?
Entrepreneur day trading with SafeDay Trading
Day trading with SafeDay Trading

Get Started on the Path to Freedom

What you need is a way to tap into the world’s most lucrative business; futures, stocks and stock options. Learn how to improve your trading performance and you’ll gain in consistency.

Listen, when there is over 4 Trillion dollars traded per day in the market, experiencing a new level of results should be within your grasp. When you learn the SafeDay Trading System you can achieve consistency – YOU will have TRUE Freedom! Do you agree that would be FREEDOM? When you apply SafeDay Trading system you will be transforming your life.

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An Easy-To-Follow System

Don't Take Our Word For It

Safe Day Trading is a system, to me you have made trading as logical as you can. You have made it simple by putting everything together so I know what I am looking for when I am trading to make good profitable trades.


I just wanted to say thank you. I'm in my fourth week of training and I already KNOW I am going to be a profitable trader thanks to you. I have followed the training and videos and now it seems obvious when to enter a trade and when to exit. I only wish I had found you sooner.

Robert T.
Karen with SafeDay Trading

The Program Will Give You the Opportunity to Change Your Life!

I have traded for many years and have taken many classes and until now have not endorsed any to my friends and clients. SafeDay Trading classes are extremely informative, no-nonsense, step-by-step instruction that will get you to being a very successful trader with dramatic consistency relatively quickly. That is the key! Consistency! The tricks of professional traders are weaved throughout the course and will insure that you gain the insight of traders on the floor.

I highly recommend to join the SafeDay Trading class today and learn from the classes and the Eavesdrop Trading how to win consistently and Make it Rain financial freedom!

Karen Carpenter

How is my day trading going? Well, thanks to your program I have learned it is not all about the technical part, candles, SMAs, Fibonacci, etc. The biggest improvement, thanks to your program, I've made is due to controlling my emotions and learned to be patient.

Sherie with SafeDay Trading

I Have Been Where You Are Right Now...

  • Searching for a breakthrough.
  • Reading everything, watching numerous trading educational videos and still feeling lost.
  • Frustrated that no one was really willing to share the secrets of their techniques.
  • Feeling like I am one decision away from getting it, and becoming a professional trader.

I was completely struggling despite all the knowledge I acquired and I never want to feel that way again!

A good friend introduced me to Dr. Dave, Don and Mark at SafeDay Trading and the SafeDay Trading DOT indicator. I started listening in on my first Eavesdrop Trading Call and I saw the level of accuracy that trading calls were made and was immediately inspired.

SafeDay Trading allowed me to test their system and follow them trading LIVE during their daily Eavesdrop Trading Call.  Listening in on them making live calls and making REAL MONEY, I am a believer!!!  I know now – I am an Awesome SafeDay Trader.

Thanks to SafeDay Trading I now have a fulfilling trading mission that has completely transformed the way I trade. It’s such an amazing feeling to finally feel confident as a trader. Whether you're aspiring to achieve a trading success story for yourself, if you’re a novice or advanced trader, I encourage you to check out the SafeDay Trading DOT System™.

Sherie Johnson

The Midas Touch

Tired businessman ready to start trading with SafeDay Trading

Having Trouble Answering These Questions?

  • Why am I not where I want to be financially?
  • What does it take to become an independent trader?
  • Why can’t I pull the trigger when trading?  
  • How can I really know it’s a good trade?

If you're like most traders or trying to learn to be a trader, you've read plenty of books, subscribed to numerous trading newsletters and read multiple motivational books because you know that head space matters in being a good trader.

You have attended multiple seminars and paid some good money for some not so enlightening programs, but there's still something HUGE missing isn’t there? You’re trying to follow all the advice, but something is still holding you back.

We've Found the Answers You're Looking For

Millions of people like you still have this same question, while only a few seem to have figured it out and have acquired that "Midas Touch" for picking the good trades consistently. Fortunately for us, we were able to find the answer in a time of desperation; and the key lies deep in your soul. It’s more simple than it seems.
Before we get into the quantum leap your life is about to take, allow us to explain how lucky you are that we happened to hit that time of desperation ourselves and learned what it takes to be a successful and consistent day trader.

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Day trading with SafeDay Trading
Reset Your Mind with SafeDay Trading

Subconscious Mind and Your Belief

While we were working on the DOT system, we were at the same time working on our Subconscious Mind.  Our Belief.  We mastered this as well. Without the belief in the trading system you use, you either will not pull the trigger on the trade or you get in later than you should have. That could mean a minute late with an Oil trade or a day late in an option trade both resulting in a dramatic loss of potential income.

Have you ever been trading and looked back after a move appears and say, WOW, how did I miss that? Everything you were looking for in a perfect trade was right in front of you and you froze.

This isn't your fault. You simply have not been shown how to be certain.

From today on you can and will know what you need to do and how to get there.

  • SafeDay Trading will share everything we have with you.
  • SafeDay Trading will provide you with the DOT System
  • SafeDay Trading INVITES you to Eavesdrop trading - LIVE Real Time.
  • SafeDay Traders will be telling you in real time what they are looking for in a trade. What they are seeing and why they are thinking what they are doing.  They will be calling out Dotified, Bonified, Ratified, Certified,  Now Profitize the crap out of it.

We have found without doubt that the more often students join us on Eavesdrop; the faster they learn,  the faster they Believe in themselves,  and the faster they reach consistency. During Eavesdrop Trading sessions, your SafeDay Traders will say what they are looking at for entry and exit targets and where they place their stops. You can choose to simply follow along or actually click the button making trades as the instructors do.

Start with your paper account and as you take yourself through the Circle of Certainty over and over again you will BELIEVE not only in the SafeDay Trading DOT system but also YOURSELF. You will also be able to watch LIVE recorded videos of real trades making real money so again you can build your belief.  This can be done on your time, 24 x 7.

You will understand and begin to see the trades coming to you. You will understand how to choose your entry points and your targets and your stops. Are we always right?  No, not always (and anyone that tells you they are is frankly lying.) Sure some days are better than others.  But we are looking for consistency, show should you.

Businessman successfully trading with SafeDay Trading

Now you may be asking WHY no one else does this with their programs….   

Yes, We Wonder Why.

There are those times when we just get cocky and make some speculation calls. But we also tell you that.  Accuracy comes by taking the “Jack Trademan” calls. (Our code word for our best trade setup!) If you only took those trades, you would be golden. Many hours you may find 3 – 5 Jack trades per hour per instrument, other days there may only be 1 in an entire hour.

Complete SafeDay Trading System

A Complete Trading System

At SafeDay Trading our intent is to provide a complete trading system that would enable the average person to trade with success. To gain confidence in themselves & then to duplicate what we do and even go beyond where we are at.

We understand if we can learn something and do it very well, you can learn that same thing from us in a fraction of the time.

Our goal when we first began to develop SafeDay Trading was to produce the system that we wished someone would have shared with us 11 years earlier.

It took us five years and many hours of trial and error with numerous frustrations. But this is what you get with SafeDay Trading  - A system that works and we will prove it to you every day on Eavesdrop Trading.

What Are You Waiting For?

You Have a Couple of Choices

 We hope you do come on board with us and are willing to share any enhancements that make the system better. We are always open to our students suggestions and insights.

We would be absolutely ecstatic if we could help you magnify the level of results you are accustomed to.

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There Are Two Yous Right Now

Frustrated woman is ready to start trading with SafeDay Trading

The First You...

doesn’t say yes to SafeDay Trading and will continue to struggle and worry about finances for your future. The first you will look back and wish they would have decided differently. The first you will wish they were able to help more people, have more money and more freedom.

Day trading with SafeDay Trading

The Second You...

does say YES to SafeDay Trading and declares this is your year. The you who discovers you are a fantastic, consistent safe day trader because you now have a system. When you look back, you are the one who starts each day with a positive attitude, You are the one other people look up to. You are able to help so many people freely. You have real freedom.

By the end of your due diligence of finding out if SafeDay Trading is for you or not, you will have to part ways with one of those “YOUs”. Ask yourself this question as you go through this website... What does the Future You need to say to the Past You in order for YOU to know that YES is the proper decision for You right now?

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